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Llanddewi first appears in the census records under its old name 'Tycwta' in 1851.

Present-day Llanddewi is two houses joined together, with the current hallway having been the passageway between the two.

The right-side of the cottage, looking at the photograph, is constructed with river-stone, even the inner walls being over 2 feet thick.
The left side of the cottage has a thinner, river-stone frontage, but the wall either side are brick. To the rear of this section is an old kitchen (current utility) with fireplace.

The stairs rise up from the hallway, in the brick-built side of the house. The rooms on the left side of the house have higher ceilings than the right side.  

It is thought that the left side, front of the house was the blacksmith's shop.


  • 1939
    David Davies, born 5th March 1885, Farm labourer
    Ann Sarah Davies, born 6th November 1883, unpaid domestic duties
  • 1911
    Referred to in this Census as 'Smith's Cottage'
     Elizabeth Thomas 61, David 28

  • 1901
    Referred to in this census as 'Gorwydd Forge':
     Elizabeth Thomas 50, Janet 21, David, 13, William Davies (border) 24

  • 1891
    In this Census as the Blacksmith's shop - 'Siop y gof'
    Thomas Thomas 42 (blacksmith), Elizabeth 41, William 16 (Blacksmith), Margaret 12, Jennet 10, David 3
  • 1881
    Thomas Thomas 33, Elizabeth 31, Mary Jane 12, William 6, Margaret Ann 2, Jennet 1

  • 1871
    James Bevan 54 lived here, house name registered as Tycwta

  • 1861
    Tycwta was empty for this census
  • 1851
     Anne Williams 64, Margaret Williams lodg 35

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