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  • 1911
    John Jones age 58, single and a farmer, his brothers Edward, age 56, and Richard, age 54, and sister Eleanor Ann age 52, all single and working on the farm. Also John Davies age 27, a waggoner on the farm and Thomas Pattison age 24, a cowman on the farm.
  • 1901
    John Jones age 72, a farmer, his wife Elinor age 78, sons John age 48 and Richard age 45, daughter Ellinor age 42 and son Edward age 47 and Charles Bick age 15, a farm / general servant.
  • 1891
    John Jones age 62, a farmer, his wife Ellen age 67, sons John age 39,Ed age 37, Richard age 35, daughters Ellen age 31 and Margaret age 29. Also Thomas Davies age 47 a farm servant and Eliza Arthur age 22 a servant / domestic.
  • 1881
    John Jones age 52, a farmer of 262 acres, his wife Eleanor, age 56, sons John age 29, Edward age 27, and Richard age 25, daughters Ellen age 22, Margaret age 21. Also Thomas Davies age 37, Margaret Morgan age 23, Evan Rees age 68, all servants.
  • 1871
    Henry Richards age 44 a farmer of 260 acres employing 3 labourers, his sisters Cordelia age 54, and Magdalen age 50, Thomas Vaughan a visitor age 22, listed as an undergraduate. Also Charlotte Davies age 19, and Elizabeth Price age 18, both general servants / domestics and David Davies age 48, David Morgan age 21 and Isaac Jones age 21, all farm servants
  • 1861
    Thomas Richards age 80, a widower and farmer of 194 acres employing 3 labourers, his daughters Cordelia age 49 and Magdalen age 35, son Henry age 32, granddaughter Hannah Evans age 14, Also John Allen age 23 a servant and Carter, Jane Jones age 21 a housemaid, and Francis Davies age 18, a kitchen maid.  
  • 1851
    William Pritchard age 34, a farmer of 251 acres, his wife Rebecca, age 31, daughters Margaret age 8, Eliza age 3, ? Hester age 1, and Ann age 2 months. Servants `;- Mariah Mathais age 25, a housemaid, Elizabeth Jones age 24, a general servant, Catherine Davies age 17, a nurse, Mary Morgans age 20 a general servant, William Jones age 27, an agricultural servant, and John Williams age 22, a waggoner. Also John Price age 55, a cowman and David Davies age 17, an agricultural servant.  
  • 1841
    Margaret Pritchard age 25,and servants :- David Jones age 20, Elizabeth Jones age 15, William Jones age 10, Daniel Griffiths age 20, Rees Davies age 20, Rees Williams age 15, and Annie Richards age 20

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