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Mayo House

It is believed that this house was always owned by the family of Evelyn Griffiths, nee Bendle.  Evelyn's grandmother lived there and at one time, let the shop premises to Gabriel Todd Jones. He is believed to have worked on the railway and his wife ran a shoe shop. Mr Jones was also a singer. A local resident, now in her 90s remembers buying a record of his, She also remembers buying shoes from the shop. On the other side of the house, nearest the river, were two rooms. It is believed that these rooms were used once or twice a week as a doctor's surgery, and once or twice a week as a branch of Barclay's Bank


  • 1911
    Mathias Lloyd, age 68, a Police pensioner and his wife, Emily age 53
  • 1901
    Robina Smith, age 53, a Letting Agent for apartments, her sister, Anna age 47, her assistant. 2 visitors (stonemasons from Glamorgan) and 1 lodger, David Evans age 32 (a Church of England Clergyman)( in 1911 Robina and her sister were living in The Hollies )
  • 1891
    Joseph Stares, age 55, a Jobbing Gardener from Sussex, his wife Martha age 52, and 3 sons; Owen age 22, a Carrier, Frederick, age 19, a coal miner, Frank age 12, a scholar. and 1 daughter Isabella age 10

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